Private home weddings

We have honed our skills producing extraordinary private home weddings and transforming families properties into successful event locations for over a decade. The celebrations we produce are highly individualized and often complement the welcoming quiet luxury of our client’s home.

Our team manages expectations from the start of an engagement, building trust, providing wisdom and honest expert advice allowing couples to make informed decisions with peace of mind. We are present throughout the planning and production process, providing a high-level of oversight, communication and hands-on approach to ensure your property will be wedding ready. Whether it is a single day wedding for 80 or a three-day destination celebration for 300, with several events, we are unmatched at balancing logistics, gracious hospitality and world-class service to deliver a timeless, “best wedding ever” experience.

Building a venue from the ground up is what we do best


The Storied Team provides exceptional planning experiences and visually distinct, memorable celebrations of all sizes and scopes at traditional and non-traditional wedding venues. We understand the important relationship between logistical and service needs, restraints of venue regulations and balancing aesthetic desires of couples and families. We often offer a fresh perspective to clients and venues when it comes to standard protocols and increase opportunities for customization.


Small luxury inns enjoy working with our teams and our ability to complement their services. While they focus on hosplitalty and client's needs, we offer supporting staff to care for guests while managing vendors and all wedding related activities. This collaboration allows smaller properties to host larger celebrations. 


Most importantly, we understand “venue vibe” and the genuine nature of our clients’ desires to host a wedding that is reflective of their persona and sensibilities. 

Planning & Design at a wedding venue

You love the space.and we make it your own.


Micro weddings

Celebrating small with no luxury lost

Smaller weddings, with 40 to 80 guests, are intimate and special. We plan, design, produce and manage with the same conceirge level planning as our large events. These small weddings have no luxury lost.  We provide limitless options to create a day that is thoughtful, gently guided and still highly individualized. 

We believe a smaller wedding gives you more opportunity to hand select the details you desire, and greater options to make your guests feel as they are; the most special people in the world to you. 


We consistently provide our wedding clients with services to assist their guests: wedding website information,  RSVP management, transportation/shuttle plans, parking management and driving directions, welcome gifts and we swiftly take care of guest requests with discretion. 

For clients in need of greater guest assistance, we are able to provide enhanced services including, but not limited to: planning and management of organized activities during event weekend, assistance with individual guest lodging reservations, concierge services with a dedicated email and phone line, specific transportation requests and security details if needed. 

Hospitality options that go a long way

ENhanced services for guests