Covid-19 Wedding Information 

Please note this information is updated as we receive information. This is an ongoing situation and new information will be added in RED.

As of November 13, 2020

*** Please note as of November 13th, the Governor of Vermont has prohibited all multi-household gatherings. There is a STATE REQUIREMENT for all Vermont residents and those traveling to Vermont to quarantine for either one week followed by a negative PCR test or quarantine for two weeks. The Governor has also requested all in-person business meetings be canceled. Restrictions have also been placed on restaurants (closing by 10pm) and all social clubs and bars will be closed beginning 11/14 after 10pm. This closure is in place until further notice from the Governor's office. 

We, as a company, will leave the past guidance posted her with the understanding these risk-reducing measures may still be in place (in some way) during late Winter and early Spring. 

Wedding Ceremonies

Justices of the Peace and other officiants may perform in-person marriages. Town offices shall provide marriage licenses in compliance with the Work Safe memo – encouraging town offices to operate remotely, online, and to offer curbside service.

Indoor and Outdoor Ceremonies


Aisle width and row seating may be adjusted for physical distancing guidelines to ensure health risks are reduced. Please check with your venue or planner regarding specific guidelines. Additionally, please check Church availability, as many venues are not opening this summer or will have reduced capacity. *The capacity of your ceremony venue may be different than your reception location.

Venue weddings

Ultimately, your wedding venue will create guidelines for reopening. It is up to the venue to set safety regulations and operating procedures that comply with State Mandates. Please note, venues may decide to limit services, guest counts and any offerings (even if the State will allow). 

Currently, tent weddings at venues (outdoor operations) fall under "outdoor dining". 

Occupancy & Seating  (guidelines can also be reviewed here.

  • AS of June 26th, Indoor operations are limited to 50% of approved fire safety occupancy or 75 total customers and staff combined, whichever is greater.

  • Seating must be available for all patrons and seating must allow for physical distancing of at least 6 feet between seated dining parties. 

  • Bar seating and drink or food production areas must remain closed to dining.

  • Outdoor operations (tent weddings) must limit the total number of customers served/seated in OUTSIDE seating at one time to 150 or 50% of their maximum licensed seating capacity OR one customer/person per 100 square feet of customer-facing space to the set maximum below if no fire safety occupancy is established. Vendors and Staff are NOT included in this total.

  • Guests should be staggered to prevent congregating in waiting areas. Waiting areas must accommodate physical distancing.  

  • Consider using rolled silverware and eliminating table presets.

  • The use of shared food service (buffet style, coffee stations, beverage stations) and self-serve utensils, plates or napkins, are prohibited. 

  • Customers should be encouraged to wear face coverings when not eating.

As of June 19th: Staggered arrivals, 6ft distance upon entering tents. Each venue will decide if dancing will be permitted or if bands will be required to wear a mask or provide a clear stage front/barrier from the stage to the dance floor. If dancing is permitted, the per person count allowed on a dance floor at one time may be significantly lower than the number of guests in attendance. The venue will create these policies. 

A saftey officer will be onsite during any event and responsible for implementing venue policies. If anyone does not adhere to the venue rules, or appears to be showing symptoms, they will be asked to depart the venue. 

Safety signs will be placed in clear view around the venue. *At the venue entrance guests and vendors may need to sign a waiver or view a liability statement acknowledging their own health risk (even death) and cannot hold the venue nor other parties responsible if they should contract covid-19.


Sanitizing Stations will be placed around the venue and in restrooms. 

Important information for you and your guests and vendors

  • Residents of States who live in a quarantine county or are from any other state outside of New England or New York(or outside of the Northeastern United States as of July 1, 2020), must follow quarantine guidelines:​

    • Travelers arriving to Vermont via public transportation (plane, train, bus) or from further than a direct car ride would allow may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in a Vermont lodging establishment or with friends and family (travelers must stay in their quarantine location for the duration of quarantine other than to travel to and from a test site).

    • Read more about quarantining at the Vermont Department of Health website.

  • Travelers arriving to Vermont in a personal vehicle may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions.

  • Hotels and lodging shall require a signed document from the guest(s) attesting they meet the quarantine requirement, have traveled from a county with similar active COVID-19 caseload per ACCD, are an essential/authorized worker, or are a Vermonter. All guests must also complete a health questionnaire. 

  • Operators must ensure that out-of-state guests register with Sara Alert to get daily reminders via text, email or phone from the Vermont Department of Health.


Vendor-Specific Information 

Even with State Restrictions loosening, please note we have great concern for some vendors and their ability to perform contracted services due to state regulations. Vendors traveling to Vermont must also adhere to quarantine requirements. If you are working with Storied Events, we are closely monitoring vendors' availability to travel and their health. All clients will be notified immediately if we learn a contracted vendor is unable to provide services. Please note and understand, if vendors are unable to adhere quarantine guidelines, it is most likely due to events prior to following your own event. 

General provisions are:  

Hair Stylist - Salon services allowed, but may not be able to accommodate the entire wedding party at once. This may affect the wedding day schedule. We are waiting to hear 100 % confirmation regarding on-location services. We do know each person getting hair styled will need to be wearing a mask. If on-location services are allowed, only one person will be allowed in the room with the stylist. 

Make-up Artist -  If and when they are allowed to operate, we anticipate the same regulations as hair stylists. Please note, hair and makeup will need to be in separate rooms. 

Transportation and Shuttles  - The hired transportation company and the State Guidelines on the wedding day will determine exact capacities. Please note, cleaning /sanitizing is required between each trip and will delay transportation times. 

Ceremony Musicians   - Musicians will need to be placed 6 feet apart. A tent covering incase of inclement weather will need to be provided. Covering will need to be large enough to cover an area = to # of musicians x 6ft.

Band / DJ  - DJ will be pemitted, if 6 ft away from all other tables and guests. Bands and Venues will determine guidelines based on safety protocals for masks, sheilds, singing, distance from dance floor (if one is permitted). Stage sizes may need to increase to allow an area = to # of musicians x 6ft. if band members request. Example: 9 peice band may require a minimum stage size of 24x24' or other equal square footage depending on performance set up and stage panel sizes (usually 3x3 or 4x4). 

Florists and other design items  - Floral orders will be adjusted based on the last approved tent layout. We will do our best to accommodate changes best as possible, but note flower orders must be created well in advance to ensure availability and the best product possible. Rental orders will also need to be finalized anywhere between 10 to 30 days depending on each vendor's policy. 

Restrooms - Venues will set policies. However current guidelines suggest guests will be limited to one person at a time and the restroom will be sanitized following each use. Please note, additional cleaning staff may need to be hired by venue, or restroom vendor at a cost to the client. 

Guest Services - including welcome bags, other gifts, transportation, and seating.

It is unclear at this time if welcome bags will be permitted. We are discussing room delivery vs. receiving at check-in. Additional hotel fees may apply. 

It is highly recommended guest seating is grouped by family or close, trusted friends (meaning - you know they did adhere to quarantine/traveling guidelines and requirements).